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Laundry Bar

Laundry Bar


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For handwashing silk, linen and delicates.

This pure and natural soap offers the very gentlest of care for your most delicate garments. It is ideal for the hand washing of lingerie and fine natural fibres like linen, wool and cotton. This bar has a subtle botanical scent that will be sure to revive your hand washing experience

Sweet Orange

USE Fill a basin with cool or warm water and bring the soap to a creamy lather. Hand wash your garment according to its individual care instructions. For a deeper clean moisten the garment then apply the bar directly to the fabric. Rinse gently and thoroughly, then dry as the per instructions on label.

Sphaera was founded in 2015 by visual artist and complementary health practitioner Ali Johnson. Sphaera soap is inspired by the everyday rituals of bathing and cleansing, and the opportunities these afford for quiet moments of self-care. Each bar is a thoughtful composition of form and function hand crafted from fine natural ingredients.