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Worrall House, Ivan Jurviss

Worrall House, Ivan Jurviss


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Worrall House (1964-66), Ivan Juriss, Stanley Point, Auckland, New Zealand. 

This book offers a portrait of the Worrall House, designed by architect Ivan Juriss of Wilson and Juriss. It is the combination of a long-held idea and a happy set of coincidences. Ivan Juriss created buildings with soul. In the 1950's and 60's, he developed a grammar of timber and joinery construction details, recognisable to this day. Ivan's details have been passed down through generations of Auckland architects.  

This book sets out to capture the many atmospheres of the house and garden, to give a sense of its spaces and niches, light and colour as we found it.

Additional Information:

Soft cover
32 pages 
Text by Giles Reid 
Photographed by Mary Gaudin 
Printed by Graphius, Ghent, Belium 2020