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Werry / Francis Houses Booklet

Werry / Francis Houses Booklet


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Werry/Francis Houses
John Scott
Greytown, New Zealand

This book provides a photo essay on two houses by New Zealand architect John Scott (1924-92); the Werry House and the Francis House, which sit side by side. They are late works in good condition, but have slipped from memory and today are largely unknown.

Our intention was to focus on just a few things in these buildings; doors and windows, gutters and eaves and thresholds between interior and garden. These simple facts of building are common to almost every house, so commonplace in fact as to barely register in discussion of architecture today. However in Scott's hands these facts became ideas, ideas which he returned to throughout his life.

Designed & produced by Mary Gaudin & Giles Reid
Softcover booklet
210 H x 148 mm
36 pages
Edition of 200