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Raised Platter - Kahikatea, Ebonised Rimu & Swamp Kauri

Raised Platter - Kahikatea, Ebonised Rimu & Swamp Kauri


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Top – Kahikatea

Middle ball – Ebonised Rimu 

Pedestal – Swamp Kauri (laminated)

An elegant modular form with an interesting balancing act between its three shapes. The warm golden quality of these three timbers creates a lovely tonal effect. The pedestal of laminated Swamp Kauri is three different pieces of the timber layered with each grain running parallel to the others. 

Walk In The Park is formed by creative couple Sam and Jiho, who make unique wood-turned objects from their Titirangi studio. Sam’s creative background comes from experience in wood-work and furniture design which he practiced in Korea. Walk In The Park is a practice-led exploration into functional and sculptural objects, each work a homage to the variations of wood available in New Zealand. This tactile devotion extends into Sam’s desire to create products that are both beautiful and functional, blending the organic with the domestic.

Dimensions: D 265 x H 200 mm