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Perforated Orchid Pot

Perforated Orchid Pot


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The orchid pot features perforation for the orchid’s aerial roots to grow through. Finished with a beautiful dark grey glaze that creates a lovely contrast against green leaves. A drainage tray is fitted to sit cleanly underneath. 

Ben Pyne is a Wellington based ceramicist who studied Visual Arts and Product Design at Auckland University of Technology. Pyne comes from a multidisciplinary background, working across furniture, installation and ceramics. Currently Pyne is focused on designing and creating ceramics that are considered and refined, accentuating the glazed or raw clay surface of the object. His designs show a sensitivity to detail that is highly functional while appearing innate to their visual quality. Pyne has a personal interest in the chemistry and geology of ceramics and formulates his own glazes to produce a unique colour palette.

Dimensions: D 150 x H 140 mm