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Nimbus Citrus Squeezer

Nimbus Citrus Squeezer

Nimbus Citrus Squeezer


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A little hand-built citrus squeezer with a deep bowl to catch juice. The Nimbus range has a lovely sandy texture that carries soft brush strokes. 

Auckland based Kirsten Dryburgh has been a potter since the 1990’s, she now works from her garden studio and store. Kirsten has a richly creative background with a major in sculpture from Elam and experience in floristry and illustration. Inspired by the joy of creating new objects for people’s lives, Kirsten is a highly experimental potter, offering a diverse range of forms and glazes. All stoneware is hand-thrown with hand-built touches, giving each piece a unique and fluid quality.


Please note that each piece varies slightly in form and size, and dimensions are approximate. For further details or to purchase a specific piece please contact us via email.