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Landscape Twice Cast Ring / Silver + 9ct White Gold

Landscape Twice Cast Ring / Silver + 9ct White Gold

Landscape Twice Cast Ring / Silver + 9ct White Gold


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Lancscape Twice Cast Ring by Welfe Bowyer (2019)

Sterling Silver
9 ct White Gold

Size P 

Twice Cast Rings are a small series of rings that play with common metal alloys in multiple combinations, utilising the ‘eroded’ texture created by hand as a structural joint. A mechanical bind between two elements that have varying strength, conductivity and patina. Each is ring is cast in two stages. First the metal outer is cast and left to harden, then a second liquid metal is poured inside, solidifying and hardening against each bump and crevice. Interior vs exterior materials are revealed or concealed by the wearer vs the onlooker.

However these works are not in a finished state. Within each piece a dialogue forms between the two materials that evolves over time as they are worn and affected by outside elements. Materials will age and erode at different rates, perhaps eventually revealing the design that keeps them together. 

Welfe is a Melbourne based jewellery design specialising in unique handmade contemporary pieces. Originally from New Zealand, Welfe studied architecture in Wellington, providing the foundations to his interest in designing three-dimensional forms irrespective of scale. While working in architecture he simultaneously began experimenting with jewellery design. This allowed him the perfect medium with which to conceptualise, experiment and create on a scale different to that of architecture. Precinct stocks pieces from Welfe’s staple collection, one-off works and facilitates commissions.