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Jomohomo, Ingrid Hora

Jomohomo, Ingrid Hora


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Ingrid Hora is an Italian artist who lives and works in Berlin. Jomohomo looks at why we both believe in 'Fomo' and 'Jomo' since we were freed into the slavery of leisure guilt. This phaphlet sized book is a 24h long publication during which it is not certai we gained anything at having 8h  of work, 8h of rest and... 8h of the rest.

London based Dent De Leone is a not for profit publishing hut operating since 2007 as an extension of design studio, Åbäke. Dent De Leone sees itself as being curious and any editorial line to be suspicious. This small publishing hut produces mostly books but also objects and immaterial publications based on conversations. Dent De Leone is formed by Martino Gamper, Gemma Holt, Kajsa Ståhl & Maki Suzuki.

Published: Dent De Leone 

365 copies 

Book size: 186 x 97 mm 

Cover: Soft

Binding: Sewn