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Hand Knotted Fossil

Hand Knotted Fossil


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Hand Knotted Fossil 

Hand woven rug in natural jute, made with loving care by skilled artisans in India.

The Nodi Staples collection is made up of a range of natural jute & wool rugs which have been handwoven in India by a small team of weavers. Nodi cares deeply about the artisan's who make their rugs and are certified by Good Weave who ensure fair working conditoin in the weaving industry. Nodi rugs are designed by Olivia Smith in Auckland, New Zealand. Olivia started her weaving journey in India where her love for the craft of weaving natural fibres began. 

Nodi's tactile rugs are inspired by how people rest, connect and play in the ever day. All rugs are made from natural fibres and dyes. 

The hand knotted rug is best suited to lounge rooms, bedrooms & entranceways – spaces requiring a hard wearing & durable texture which adds depth and character to the space. These rugs are qaulity textiles made to last the test of time. 

Please enquire first in either store, or at to confirm availability.