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Circadian Rhythm, Derek Henderson

Circadian Rhythm, Derek Henderson


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'Circadian Rhythm' Book by Derek Henderson

Precinct 35 is pleased to announce the new book 'Circadian Rhythm' by Derek Henderson. First shown at the Precinct 35 Gallery in December 2017, 'Circadian Rhythm' documents the North Island of New Zealand.

New Zealand born Derek Henderson’s varied subject matter is united by an approach marked by a kind of democratic naturalism, where all phenomena is given equal attention. Although variously described as anti-heroic and anti-iconic, Henderson’s interest in the ‘ordinary’ can be deceptive and his narratives often reveal themselves to be more complex and unsteady than they first appear. 

Co-published by Bad News Books and Precinct 35.
Designed by Jarred Bishop.

First Edition of 100
Pink linen hard cover, white emboss
Photographs printed on Satin 150 GSM paper
Includes short essay by Prak Sritharan

72 Pages
220 x 158 mm
Printed and hand-bound in Wellington, New Zealand.