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Brooklyn (2017)

Brooklyn (2017)


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Brooklyn (2017) by New York based NZ artist Ken Griffen

Ken Griffen’s work is rooted in observations of the human condition and employs heavy, inconsistent line work and non-traditional water-colour to depict people and objects. The result is a form of abstract portraiture that depicts the broad spectrum of society, from our collective foibles and angst to our unadulterated beauty and allure. Griffen’s oeuvre comments on the challenges we face both personally and as a collective, with his most recent show employing sculpture and sound as well as painting to question the impact the digital revolution has on our lives.

KEN GRIFFEN (b. 1988) grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2006 he was awarded a University Scholarship for Visual Arts. He went on to graduate with excellence from AUT (Auckland University of Technology) in 2009. Since his graduation, Griffen has done two artist-in-residency programmes in Berlin and L A, and has held several solo exhibitions.


310 x 405 mm

Watercolour Indian Ink & Pencil on paper, framed.