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Bottle Vase - Tall

Bottle Vase - Tall


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An elegant vase featuring a deep brown glaze unique to the woodfiring process. Made with a Shino glaze, a traditional Japanese glaze dating back to the Momoyama period of 16th century. A beautiful vase with bright blooms like peonies or enjoy its sculptural qualities as it is. 

Annette Bull is a ceramicist based in the Hawkes Bay, who has been working with clay for the last 20 years. Bull is interested in creating domestic objects, whether they are to be used for their functional quality or just to be admired. The wheel is central to her practice, finding a love for its continuing challenge and endless possibilities. Bull primarily works with the woodfiring technique, finding joy in the process of letting ash settle and melt onto pots, and coaxing colour into the clay, she describes as being addictive and rewarding.   

Dimensions: D 115 x H 340 mm