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Between Two Strangers

Between Two Strangers


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Between Two Strangers by Katie Kerr: Twelve Stories of Migrating Artists 

This book is a collection of stories and interviews from artists on the challenges of maintaining an artistic practice in another country. 


Featuring Dana Olarescu & Bojana Jankovic, Ian Lynam, Xiaolu Guo, Emily Hartley-Skudder, Sarah Stein Lubrano, Saleh Addonia, Nina Mangalanayega, Jim Russell, Noma Bar, Brenda Wong, Annette Mees, and Peter & Lizzie Mandeno.


Edited, designed and printed by Katie Kerr

Printed on the risograph at the IIam Press, Christchurch, New Zealand 

Soft Cover, 224 pages

180 x 110 mm, upright

Edition of 250, numbered